The new L'Odyssée de Cartier jewelry debut

Published: Wednesday 26 August, 2015

bred from the classics in the endless creativity always is the essence of fine jewelry. This time, Cartier stick extreme aesthetics and craftsmanship at the same time, in order to explore the wider world of complex and diverse scenery beautiful drive, a unique perspective compose a tribute to fine jewelry, opened some new style journey. If this series likened to a continent ...... that is a border between dreams and reality across the continent, to stimulate creativity inspiration center in one place. Undoubtedly, one of the representatives of Africa called. Cartier indulge traveled in Africa and embrace the vast expanse of the remainder, with an abundance of vibrant colors and rare materials, through the language of jewelry depicting a broad-minded and shock of this continent, telling the eternal power and life flowing.

If this series compared the city ...... it would be a sleek, modern city, the city's passion sway velocity and movement symphonic song chapter in the city. It is a modern airport, Cartier fertile ground for inspiration. Cartier happily explore its modern lines, cutting-edge design with simple and delicate inlay technique sketched out its outline.

African nation Jewel Africa, the continent bathed in the hot and sunny, a beautiful as precious stones distant territory. Africa is the cradle of all gems. Gold red crystal, obsidian, golden topaz ...... Cartier jewel warmth and nurture life, reproducing African charm. Sun and earth colors, beautiful traditional patterns, sturdy animal imagery, these elements are all hidden behind the core technology Cartier.

L'Odyssée de Cartier series of fine jewelry in the form of a series of new interpretation of Cartier advocates primitive spirituality, superb superb way to cut into the gem being; thus creating a new aesthetic birth: free and open , passionate. Designers accurately capture the essence of Africa, designed this light staggered Jewelry: obsidian half-moon as the layers of waves pouring, cabochon red and gold fall into the bottom of the crystal. Brightly colored fresh gem embedded in the cycle repeated geometry, forming a layer nested rings, shining like the sun shine on the African continent in general. A gas field strength bracelets, in an exaggerated way to interpret the zebra pattern, reminiscent of the real texture of zebra fur. Traditional African patterns, distribution of wildlife rich flavor.

subtle meticulous craftsmanship, showing a dizzying visual effects: Jewelry division must be like puzzles in general, in irregular onyx stripe in the middle, the capsules brilliant-cut diamonds embedded mesh interwoven and combined into extremely complex fur patterns. City: extending Cartier jewelry expression territory again, Cartier cities expression, capturing the city's new symbol, will be the full geometric lines of the modern world, which carries cultural exchanges, contact and wonderful stage of convergence, It turned into a dynamic fine jewelry. Cartier's eyes, the city is a separate faction of the unique territory: Urban landscape on the horizon, exquisite architectural details, endless flow of light ...... various scenes after another. However, only the speed and movement - the two Cartier aesthetics dictionary new concept, is the real image of this jewelry works lies. Jewelry bright retained under the gorgeous views of momentary Rose beauty thousands of years, the style of Cartier's trip will also unfold in the distant picture of the world thanks to Fu Chanting.

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