Rosy love-rose gold from Cartier Bangel

Published: Wednesday 23 September, 2015

Rose is gift of true love. Love is a grain of vermilion cinnabar birthmark, top blood-red rose to first class lover in the world – those who believe that love can beyond life and death; people beat the constancy of time. Your faith in the love defines all deep and romantic. The cartier love jewellery, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc, no matter chooses which one, can express your rosy love.

There isn’t a everlasting is the lack of the meaning. Vermilion born with love, kissed the petals, magic scatter, and giving you the only true love. Rose says in ancient Greek mythology, the rose in a collection of love and beauty, and beauty is the incarnation of god, and dissolves into the love of the blood. It can be said that worldwide, the rose is used to express the universal language of love. Every valentine’s day, roses are values, is the pet between lovers, lovers. Rose stands for love, but different color, the number of roses auspicious meaning otherwise.

Our cartier love jewellery rose gold bangle, like roses, beautiful, enchanting is the best gift for lover.

The name of the rose gold, as it is the romantic, caused numerous wonderful Lenovo. Rose gold hardness is high, pure compared with the traditional gold and platinum, pink rose gold not only can make the color of the colored gems more thick, also reflected the delicate, exquisite and metal material. Rose gold, not only a symbol of love, also expressed his wish for a better life. Send her cartier love jewellery rose gold small and let such as love rose as beautiful, sweet.

As a highly regarded brand Cartier also play on the stage with his unique charm, with the stars made a century’s lavish affair. Both of the screens in the theater, and in the set off of the classic red box and the silk, Cartier reveal a dazzling brilliance. The rose gold Cartier jewelry cuff, such as love rose as beautiful, and will never die. In October 2012, Hangzhou tower shopping center of Cartier boutiques reshipment. Landmark for the beautiful west lake add style, show the charm of beer brand unique and meaningful. A layer of extended to two layer by the past, had risen to nearly 400 square meters. Enjoy international reputation by Bruno Moinard designer as art director, Cartier store design followed a concept of “copper” style, at the same time around the world will Cartier “works and the honorable atmosphere manifests incisively and vividly. The cartier love jewellery rose gold tell us that love is bloom likes rose!

The new cartier love jewellery make love like a flower in full bloom!

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