Not only sophisticated woman seeking Empress Dowager Cartier tan

Published: Wednesday 19 August, 2015

Watch House Geneva Watch Fair 2015] Cartier, the challenge is not only to be applied to watch the craftsmanship square inch of space, but also through the use of the like gold, platinum and diamond jewelry precious materials, make it to a higher sublimation artistic level. Cartier master craft workshop craft masters when gold or platinum filaments to create, require the use of special tools specially made. After filaments twisted, rolled, wrapped, gathered in a small ring, and then use filigree patterning process, all the elements rather than by the bottom side of the fixing.

Precision has always been known in the senior watch the forest, the male form and female form substantially toward two different directions: male table in pursuit of higher complex feature set while maintaining a neat appearance as possible; and female Table is basically a more exquisite Art Deco attached in a simple function. However, the redundant too complicated, too many to be regarded as fine art of watch just as peerless beauty, they are equipped with top-of the art technology but may not be suitable for everyday wear, or is not suitable for most people wear, even have the opportunity to the bag, fear is also difficult to match with everyday clothing, so although has a good collection value, but it seems to have lost the meaning of the watch itself.

A senior watch, in addition to the function itself count as a proper indication of the time outside, I think the most important thing is having enough brand recognition, so that others do not have to lay out expensive jewelry through one can comprehend this wrist Value table. I think at this point, Cartier do is undoubtedly the most successful, from the brand's "Blue Balloon" and "Tank" These two series of watches selling can prove it. Cartier is not only a lot of star performers in their daily lives when and various magazine photo shoot often wear the watch, even just touching the watch list Friends can instantly recognizable classic watches Cartier.

For Cartier "Blue Balloon" series of watches Needless to say, the basic material of different levels and then gradually increase the complexity of features, price from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, like Friends of the table simply watches According to your budget you can choose the appropriate section of the table. Today we will take you a look at the major sub-series relatively more complex products and more profound history, but also has a strong brand recognition in the "tank" series.

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