Noble king temperament 2015 SIHH Cartier jewelry most attention

Published: Saturday 22 August, 2015

Chimera of Greek mythology had magical skill stupid woman spit fire, Cartier mythology, the perfect interpretation of the role of contemporary art treasures in fine jewelry. Mosa stunning necklace? Weighs 82.06 kt in the giant green beryl crystal clear Vitality, exuberant living, low draped calm sapphires and rare pearls showing increasingly mysterious qualities, classical and unique work. Two loops of green beryl earrings weighing 106.23 kt.

History Early childhood fantasy in mythical being mastered by Cartier crafts reproduce animated, of period features combined with the charm of traditional crafts is the highest Cartier jewelry high series were ongoing. A sapphire green flower 13.81 kt cushion cut like flowers in full bloom ring warm, engaging with light embedded with 23.84 kt sapphire brooch set cushion cut dragon echo, explore beautiful and incomparable dignity.

In the artistic design of the imagination, a rare material, exquisite craftsmanship and? Blood? pure noble exquisite and unique timeless design, fine jewelry Cartier is indispensable. Precious platinum, diamonds, rubies and garnets describe a realistic picture of fire-breathing dragon. Draped collar down a ruby ??weighing 26.64 kt. The ring is a precious red-orange garnets weighing 25.14 kt.

Sensual, luxurious, exudes a rich oriental complex, rich colors and rich jewel catchy, but the simple and sleek lines, large modern and traditional luxury, precious pink sapphire is more feminine qualities. Luxury without the styles of heavy curtains of concentrated time classic beauty staggered. Draped in the middle of La Chaux-de Papa 8.39 carat sapphire "brightest jewel in the world," he said, called "Sapphire red lotus ?, which was between pink and orange sapphire are extremely rare in the world.

Oriental inspired elements, the dragon represents the supreme majesty. Lifelike dragon brooch, pregnant dragon holding a total weight of 37.07 carats of precious opal, color like a peacock feather Shennong, the brilliant light colored rich, is the other gem unmatched. 261.84 kt emerald bracelet full string beads around the giant weighing 88.58 carats of precious opal, flowering amazing light.

Perfect presentation of Cartier exquisite exquisite craft, realistic reproduction of the legendary dragon models for water. Longan is two round purple sapphires, tail leader embraced strap water dragon unique achievement. Inlaid 74.88 kt aquamarine tail called? Good ?, stone as lodgment cultural ts with the hope of a better symbol of calm, brave and intelligent, strap shines a very bright light.

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