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Published: Friday 21 August, 2015

As part of the Cartier Collection exhibition, this "twinkling · Eternity - Cartier Time Art" is the global art tour of 28 stations. Like a trip across time, the exhibition will be the theme of watchmaking, spanning more than a century through more than 180 pieces of precious timepieces masterpiece, showing a full range of Eastern and Western culture and art field in time pursuit. Works from the Cartier Collection, master craft, watchmaking essence, complex movement, innovative technology, multimedia imaging and watchmakers and craftsmen live demonstrations, exhibitions by historical heritage, various angles style evolution, aesthetics and design for the majority of the audience provide explore watchmaking arts and crafts and cultural impact of the evolution of the development of a rare opportunity.

Cartier Yamin sharp recognize the heritage of the importance of jewelery, watches and utensils with integration, the creation of "Cartier Collection" Every piece collection of works by Cartier by private collectors, exchanges and auctions in 1983, according to the style, inspiration, source, Materials and techniques and technology standards such as carefully selected. This well-conceived collection brings together the crown, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry collections, as well as including 17 "mysterious" clock, including timepieces. Cigarette, cosmetic, toner, stationery, pen and hard rock small sculptures and other precious objects, make this rich collection better by perfect. From the oldest 1860s to the late 1990s, these works not only witnessed the Cartier 165 years of history, more broadly, it is also the history since the 19th century decorative arts.

Cartier Collection total revenue of nearly 1500 collections, and is still expanding. Extraordinary cultural significance, it gained the attention of many museums, from 1989 the first major exhibition in Paris Petit Palais beginning, Cartier Collection has been held for public exhibition in the world's top 27 arts and cultural institutions, including the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, the British Museum in London, Lisbon Carlo Manchester - Gul principal Ann Foundation Museum, Moscow Kremlin and Beijing Palace Museum, Cartier has composed his famous "porch" series of mysterious clock.

In its 1923 launch of the first works of the series, the movement was placed on top of the clock, and clever use of hidden pillars on both sides of the gear drive crystal dial operation. This superb collection of mechanical technology and extraordinary aesthetics in a mysterious clock in 1973 by Cartier repurchase and became Cartier Art Collection collection of the first pieces of treasures. This works quite oriental charm, the Palace Museum has also unveiled China held Cartier Art Treasures Exhibition in 2009.

Then that section elegant Model A mysterious clock live reputation. In addition to amazing magic time, it also embodies the good aesthetic value. Clock overall use Belle Epoque decor, combination straight line, ladder and crystal body shell, calling the arrival of the Art Deco period. This mysterious clock but also many series of works in the purest one, its opaque bell seat equipped with a power reserve of 28 movement, all devices are cleverly hidden, and nearly completely transparent bell body is not found work driving the hands Any clues mechanical device.

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