Achievement of a classic in the history of the world's legendary

Published: Monday 24 August, 2015

If you are a fashion tastes of people, you must know Cartier, since Cartier jewelry brand is the world ranking NO.1. Cartier love series jewelry has always been respected by the classic consumer, and Cartier love bracelet is loved by the public, Maggie Q, Rihanna, Lindsay - Lohan, Aniston and other stars are worth admiration. Cartier love bracelet with a simple low-key style, luxury timeless qualities.

IOnly whole bracelet inlaid diamond whether it represents a unique? Open-style design and with some random, like a happy woman and her utter innocence. 18K white gold bracelet junction section has a small screw, is a major highlight of Cartier LOVE series, used in accordance with ergonomic screwdriver, it is very easy to wear bracelets.

ICartier LOVE series was born in the turbulent 1970s in New York, when the people seem to be shrouded in haze, no hope and no hope, but Cartier Love is like a rainbow appears to them injected new vitality and vigor. After the experience of the changing times it is still possible to stand in the top of fashion.

ICartier bracelet jewelry changed role in the fashion, it is no longer just a vassal clothes can become shining alone highlights. Small screws on the bracelet, the achievements of a classic in the history of the world's legendary jewelry

IBefore and after the set with four diamonds K gold bracelet two neat symmetry, and LOVE the O staggered symbolizes endless love. 10 colored stones mosaic, on behalf of devoted love amethyst, blue crystal on behalf of innocence, on behalf of innocent and romantic pink crystal. Each one have a good moral and wishes!

ILuxuryCartier LOVE bracelet series with its understated simplicity of form, timeless qualities of luxury, as many European and American stars love to wear to the event accessories for the stars adds a colorful dress with color color.

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